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ASHG CoLaboratories, or CoLabs, are 30-minute presentations where industry leaders share new discoveries, tools, workflows, and insights. These are great opportunities to sit down, relax, and learn about cutting-edge offerings in your field while connecting with others who share your interests.

Nancy Nabilsi, Ph.D.

Nancy Nabilsi, Ph.D.

Senior Application Scientist, Roche

Nancy Nabilsi is a Senior Applications Scientist with Roche Sequencing. She came to Roche from Kapa Biosystems, bringing six years of molecular biology and NGS experience from her postdoctoral work at the University of Florida Shands Cancer Center.

Nancy earned her PhD in cancer biology and her master’s degree in reproductive biology from the University of Texas Health Science Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center, and her bachelor’s degree in biology from Baylor University.

Wednesday, October 17, 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

CoLab Booth 1441

Robust library preparation for improved ultra-low input and flexible single-cell RNA-sequencing

Speaker: Nancy Nabilsi, Senior Application Scientist, Roche

As the impact of cellular heterogeneity on biological processes continues to be illuminated in biomedical research, there is great interest in molecular profiling of specific cell sub-populations, sometimes down to single-cell resolution. Ultra-low input and/or single-cell RNA-sequencing is a widely adopted method for transcriptome profiling, but the inherently low input quantities of RNA obtained from restricted cell populations pose a challenge to successful NGS library preparation. In this session, we will present data showing high-quality performance from RNA-seq libraries prepared from as little as 1 ng of input RNA using the KAPA RNA HyperPrep workflow combined with mRNA-capture and ribosomal depletion technologies. Additionally, data will be shown highlighting the use of the KAPA HyperPlus workflow with amplified cDNA inputs for more flexible and robust sample processing in single-cell RNA-seq applications.

Jason Liu, PhD.

Jason Liu, PhD.

Field Application Scientist, Roche

Jason Liu is a Field Applications Scientist with Roche Sequencing. He came to Roche from Thermo Fisher Scientific, bringing 13 years of experience in DNA sample preparation and NGS technology.

Jason earned his PhD in chemistry from the Florida State University and received his postdoctoral training in Microfluidics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Friday, October 19, 3:15 pm – 3:45 pm

CoLab Booth 1441

Enabling NGS-based CRISPR QC applications with robust, high-performance DNA library preparation workflows

Speaker: Jason Liu, Field Application Scientist, Roche

Discovery of the CRISPR system has enabled simple and cost-effective gene editing with significant application potential in biomedical research. Many gene editing experiments have an obligatory QC step involved, either for DNA sequence verification at the targeted genomic locus, or for identification of off-target mutations. Rapid adoption of CRISPR technology coupled with applications across multiple model systems necessitates quick, accurate, and cost-effective sequencing of edited cell lines and/or organisms. In this session, we will present two methodologies leveraging the KAPA DNA library prep portfolio for sequencing-based CRISPR quality control (QC): a high-throughput targeted amplicon approach for indel screening, and CIRCLE-Seq for off-target effect detection.